Zhejiang kaixin optoelectronic technology co. LTD

Established in 2005 (parent company wenzhou qiaoye is the first polarizing film manufacturer in mainland China in 1998), zhejiang kaixin optoelectronic technology co., ltd. is an international high-tech enterprise integrating the r&d, manufacturing, sales and service of optoelectronic and optical materials. The company has accumulated total assets of usd 60 million and more than 400 employees. Cooperated with BOE, HUAWEI and OPPO in the field of display and optoelectronics; 3D glasses has been in strategic cooperation with RealD Inc, an internationally renowned 3D system provider, for more than 10 years.

The company has from Germany, the United States, Japan and other precision optical material production and testing equipment, the company also has a professional self-service frame and lens injection molding equipment and supporting mold manufacturing and processing center. Over the years, the company has continuously invested in the research and development of optical materials to form a vertical integration of the industrial chain in the field of glasses, realize the cost optimization of terminal glasses products, and provide customers with cost-effective products and high-quality services.

Zhejiang kaixin pv technology co., LTD focus on the optical field research for 15 years, research and development production cost-effective high-quality lens attentively, manufacturer for global customers all the year round supply: TAC polarized lens, lens, PA nylon CR39 resin lenses, PC lens, TR plastic lenses, Glass Glass lenses, zhejiang kaixin is high quality lens provider, is committed to promoting the development of the lens industry in China. At home and abroad to purchase wholesale glasses lens choose zhejiang kaixin pv technology co., LTD., its independent with curtain coating line, coating line, injection molding line, the TAC cleaning line, lens composite wire, polaroid stretching line, optical film line, extrusion basement membrane Line, heat setting line, hot curing line, welcome to inquire and negotiate cooperation.